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Garment Tag

Garment tag is a brand hanging on various garments, including some clothing materials, washing precautions and other information. Although the garment tag is small, it is a link between fashion itself and consumers. It is an inevitable outcome of modern fashion culture and has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of clothing companies and promoting products. Therefore, if the garment tag is likened to the brand name of fashion, then it is more appropriate.
The garment tag is like the product manual, because not only the fabric is printed with the product, but also the performance, even the water temperature and washing method of the washing clothes, what kind of cleaning agent should be used and how to maintain it. To be printed on the tag, you can increase consumer trust in your company.
As one of professional manufacturers of garment tag, Sealion Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2003, which is specialized in printing & paper packaging products. We have successfully established long-term business with customers from North America, Europe, Australia, Mid-east, India, Asia, etc. Welcome to wholesale cheap garment tag here from our factory.
The design, printing and production of the garment tag is very particular, especially the graphic design. We treat it as a small print advertisement, and carefully consider the following elements:
1. The necessary ingredient description and washing instructions, especially the washing instructions, should not be too simple;
2. For functional clothing such as down jackets, plastic underwear, warm clothing, etc., please have detailed instructions for use, do not simply use a few standard washing icons to reflect. Detailed instructions can reflect the company's responsible and considerate attitude towards the customer;
3. For complex instructional guidance, you can use the legend form, or even use cartoons to create, so vivid and innovative; 4. Appropriate use of pictures, such as models of prostitutes wearing products, gives people an intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a deeper impression of brand products, and played a very good role in publicity and promotion;
5. Barcode becomes the hallmark of modern logistics. Supermarkets and large shopping malls require barcodes for goods, so barcodes are available.