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Customized Label Hang Tag

As one of professional manufacturers of customized label hang tag, Sealion Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2003, which is specialized in printing & paper packaging products. We have successfully established long-term business with customers from North America, Europe, Australia, Mid-east, India, Asia, etc. Welcome to wholesale cheap customized label hang tag here from our factory.
The customized label hang tag can contain information such as the material of the item, washing precautions, and so on. In fact, the tag is mainly used as a revelation. All major companies will customize the tag that belongs to and represents only their own company. Attaching the product information to the tag is more convenient for the customer to select, and can also properly promote the role of the company, because the general hangtag will display the manufacturing company and brand of the product.
With the growing prosperity of the tag market, competition is bound to become more intense. For brands and custom tag manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products, various customized label hang tags can be used, which not only protects the interests of enterprises themselves, but also maintain the rights and interests of consumers.
You can print the words of thanks and wishes on the tag to give people a sense of intimacy; with simple and elegant poetry to impress the hearts of consumers; for the season, consumer objects, product features, the customized label hang tag can be designed into an almanac, bookmarks, Collections such as greeting cards that consumers love, value, and appreciate become long-lasting advertisements.
Beautiful, sophisticated type styling, creates a graceful customized label hang tag fit for something as precious as your program. Adhesive-backed, our paper gift tag labels are so easy to add to programs, shoes,gifts, and more.
Production Process:
1. Check the quality of each process in the plate making process. Use proofing to check the effects of color separation, etc., and feed back to the previous process to change.
2. Provide customers with a basis for review. The proofreading can be printed after being signed by the customer.
3. Provide ink and specifications and reference data for official printing.
Our Service:
- High quality, competitive price.
- Customers provide printable electronic documents.
- Size: Customized as required.
- Paper: white cardboard, copper paper, kraft paper, etc. Please consult the specific paper grams.
- Prompt delivery, meet customer requirements, exceed customer expectations.