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Shopping paper bags provided by Sealion Packing including ​kraft shopping paper bag with your own logo, luxury shopping paper packaging bags, golden color paper shopping bags, black shopping paper bags with handle, shopping paper bag with blue stripe, distribution pink color shopping paper bag and more.
Shopping paper bag is a kind of daily necessities, a container for holding objects, and an environmentally friendly product that uses paper as a material for making. As we all know, paper is a resource that can be recycled. In addition to plant fiber, paper also needs to add different fillers according to different paper materials. The commonly used plastic bags made of polyethylene are made from petroleum, and oil is already a scarce source of energy. In contrast, paper bags are made from trees and are a renewable resource.
There are many classifications of shopping paper bags. Depending on the size of the classification, there may be hundreds of different types of handbags to be printed, in various shapes and in various styles. Their functions and appearances are also different. From the perspective of the packaging and printing industry, the types of handbag printing were sorted out, and the printing of the handbags was divided according to the following criteria.
Shopping paper bags can use the limited area of ​​the bag to spread market information about the business or product service to customers. It can improve the quality of goods, create higher value, and brand the products, which is convenient for customers to carry goods and play a propaganda role.
As one of professional manufacturers of shopping paper bags, Sealion Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2003, which is specialized in printing & paper packaging products. We have successfully established long-term business with customers from North America, Europe, Australia, Mid-east, India, Asia, etc. Welcome to wholesale cheap shopping paper bags here from our factory.
1. The design of the shopping paper bag is simple and generous. 2. The front of the bag can be chosen from the logo and company name of the printing company.
3. Can deepen the consumer's impression of the company or product, and get good publicity.
4. It has a great effect on expanding sales, establishing famous brands, and stimulating purchases to enhance competitiveness.
Shopping paper bags are designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. In order to facilitate consumers' shopping, supermarkets and shopping malls transport their shopping items home, and connect with consumers to design special handbags.
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