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Garment Paper Bags

Garment paper bags provided by Sealion Packing including black coated paper bags with flat handle for garment packaging, recycle paper bags for women dress packaging, brown paper shopping bags bulk for gift set, shopping paper bags with fashion style and more.
As one of professional manufacturers of garment paper bags, Sealion Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2003, which is specialized in printing & paper packaging products. We have successfully established long-term business with customers from North America, Europe, Australia, Mid-east, India, Asia, etc. Welcome to wholesale cheap garment paper bags here from our factory.
This garment paper bags are delicate and firm. The full embossing on the paper bag increases the three-dimensional and artistic flavor of the paper bag, and is more textured. The logo can be made by a hot platinum process, with fine workmanship and a brand.
The garment paper bag is not only environmentally friendly, but also exquisite and beautiful. This kind of garment paper bag is not the same as the traditional shopping bag. The production of the paper bag is very particular. It uses the same thickness of paper, the structure is very tight and it is not easy to tear, so we are Don't worry if you will rot when you are squatting.
Garment paper bags can also print a variety of patterns, merchants can also create their own unique trademark brand, consumers squatting, not only can play a role in propaganda, but also play a role in protecting the environment, the most important The cost of making such a paper bag is lower.
1. The machine is glued without degumming the loose handle: using imported environmentally friendly glue, the glue is strong.
2. The color of the printing is vivid: the use of high-quality four-color printing, strong stereoscopic effect, computer coloring, paper bag printing will not produce chromatic aberration.
3. The tidy strength is exquisite and exquisite: the automatic production line is integrated, the workmanship is excellent, the glue is not leaking, the appearance is neat and the quality is stable.
1. Recycling: This kind of portable garment paper bag has the characteristics of softness and wear resistance. It can be folded into various forms and can be recycled. The normal use times are more than 10,000 times.
2. Exquisite and versatile: Garment paper bags are beautifully printed, medium-sized, and environmentally-friendly garment paper bags with various functions.
Widely used in shirts, knitting, clothing, textiles and other industries.