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Custom Paper Bags

Different demands,different paper products. Especially customized bags, face plenty of requirements about paper bags, we have to provide several ideas for customer. Custom paper bags provided by Sealion Packing including ​luxury custom printed kraft paper bags online shopping, recycled paper shopping bags with clients logo, logo printed gift shopping bags with foil gold, shopping paper bags for clothes packaging, white color paper bags with handle and more.
Brand marketing has never been a simple matter, and custom paper bags play a very important role in the entire marketing chain. Merchants want to form their own power in as many marketing markets as possible to attract consumers. Custom paper bags can solve this problem to a large extent. The emerging brand and segmentation features will be remembered once by users, while in life, beautiful and durable paper bags are used very frequently.
The advantage of the custom paper bag is that the custom product is more in line with the needs of its own customers, and is more conducive to the extension of the brand. It is more targeted for some activities organized by the merchants, and the effect of attracting fans is better.
Environmental protection has become a hot topic in life, and many environmental enthusiasts are eager to use products with better environmental performance in every industry. Even in the packaging industry. Good packaging items should also be used, just like the packaging on a paper bag, which is sure to bring the happiest experience. Custom-made paper bags can be produced well, and in general can bring the best life experience to customers. Custom paper bags are designed to promote the development of environmental protection and promote the concept of environmental protection to further success.
As one of professional manufacturers of custom paper bags, Sealion Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2003, which is specialized in printing & paper packaging products. We have successfully established long-term business with customers from North America, Europe, Australia, Mid-east, India, Asia, etc. Welcome to wholesale cheap custom paper bags here from our factory.
1. We have independent design and development capabilities, and creative design can enrich the promotion of major brands.
2. Advanced process and integrated packaging equipment.
3. The paper bag is made of 100% pure wood pulp paper.
Custom paper bags are mainly for many people who sell food. For example, those who sell sesame cakes and sell chestnuts always need to give customers some exquisite paper bags. This is both a warm service and a solution for consumers. problem.